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Fairfield County School District

General Information


Job title: Director of Adult Education
Job location: Winnsboro, SC 29180 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 09/11/09
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: Determined by district Administrative Salary Schedule

Job Description

Job description:

1. Directs a program serving the adult population of Fairfield County.
2. Assesses annually the needs of the public and private sectors of the service.
3. Utilizes assessment results in planning improvements and expansion of
adult and community education services, which includes input from
business, industry, and public agencies.
4. Promotes adult education throughout the county by maintaining effective
communication and working relationships with all community organizations,
schools, churches, civic organizations, industries and agencies who can help
promote adult education.
5. Utilizes the resources of the educational system and the community in
delivering adult education services by obtaining school facilities and non-
school facilities for use by adult education classes.
6. Works with the appropriate Human Resources Department on the
Paraprofessional Exam.
7. Secures school bus services to transport adult students to class in rural
8. Directs, manages and expands comprehensive adult education programs to
include literacy tutoring/classes, basic instruction classes, workplace
training and skill enhancement, GED preparation, high school diploma
classes, exit exam remedial classes, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude
Battery preparation, Commercial Driver’s License training and Community
9. Writes and administers Workplace Literacy grants and Rural Initiative
Project grants.
10. Develops federal, state, EIA and local budgets.
11. Maintains accurate and complete financial records.
12. Prepares monthly payroll reports on all adult education staff to the Business
13. Maintains accurate and complete financial records.
14. Adheres to Defined Minimum Program standards.
15. Prepares promotional and program materials.
16. Develops curriculum/course outlines.
17. Recruits and hires adequate staff.
18. Selects and trains teachers, teaching assistants and volunteers.
19. Conducts staff orientation.
20. Plans and supervises on-going staff development program for adult
education personnel.
21. Maintains an on-going student recruitment program.
22. Supervises an adequate testing program.
23. Maintains accurate and complete student permanent records.
24. Orders all textbooks, materials and equipment and distributes these to adult
education teachers.
25. Evaluates program and staff.
26. Prepares transcripts for former students.
27. Plans and conducts yearly commencement exercises for graduates of the
28. Prepares the required reports accurately and returns to the Office of Adult
Education, State Department of Education by designated datelines.
29. Assists in annual audit of other adult education programs.
30. Participates in meetings, conferences, workshops and promotional meetings
sponsored by the Office of Adult Education, state Department of Education
and in other activities of professional development.
31. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Deputy Superintendent
for Academics.


1. Adult Education Program.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
1. At least five (5) years of teaching experience.
2. Master's degree from an accredited college or university.
3. Certified in elementary or Secondary Administration.
4. Interpersonal skills to work effectively with other personnel.
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